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I have  dog..What now ?


Can I have a Nice Lawn ?


Pet waste, urine especially, is a major culprit of lawn damage from dogs. Turf damage usually appears as greener, more vigorous patches of lawn or brown dead spots surrounded by a dark green ring of turf. This can look similar to brown patch and dollar spot, so it is important to monitor animal behavior on your lawn to determine whether the problem is due to dog waste or lawn disease.

 The damage done to lawns seems to depend on urine concentration and nitrogen content.

When dogs urinate on grass, they are dumping concentrated nitrogen and soluble salts onto the turf. This produces a fertilizer “green up” effect in small amounts and burn spots in larger amounts. Animal urine can damage any turfgrass species in any climate. Urine appears to cause the most damage on turf with low soil moisture, in months when turf is not actively growing, and on over-fertilized turf.


Possible Solutions

1) Train pets to a designated spot in the yard. You may even want to include a marking post, such as a bird bath or boulder. Consistency for at least two to three weeks (even several months) will be necessary to establish routine behavior.

2) You also can create a bathroom for them, with some  simple products.

3) Heavily water the spot where a dog urinated on the lawn after it happens. This helps to dilute the urine and minimize damage.

you can install a simple watering system that will , dilute the urine. 

4) Walk you pet , they will love you for it.

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